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CellarPro 8200VSi Cooling Unit

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CellarPro CellarPro 8200VSi Cooling Unit

Create and customize your very own wine cellar by investing in the CellarPro 8200VSi Cooling Unit (CPU14786). Engineered with oversized condenser coils and a high-efficiency Tecumseh rotary compressor, the CPU14786 will keep up to 2,200 cubic feet of space cooled to ideal wine-storing conditions. This advanced cooling system features an output of 6438 BTUs to maintain a temperature range between 538 and 608F, so you can ensure your whites and reds are properly chilled and ready to enjoy. Unlike competitors, the CellarPro 8200VSi has been tested for performance and is capable of maintaining the optimal cellar climate in extreme conditions up to 1158F.

Convenient: Equipped with convenient features such as Energy Saver mode, Quick-Chill function and automatic defrost, the CPU14786 will have no problems keeping your cellar space cooled to precise specifications

Reliable: This CellarPro cooling unit can normally operate in extreme temperature conditions ranging from -208 to 1158F

Electrofin Coating: Industrial-grade Electrofin coating protects your unit's evaporator coils from leaks and corrosion while enhancing the overall longevity

Maintenance Alerts: In order to keep the CPU14786 operating at its best, audible and visual alarms will remind you when maintenance is required

Adjustable Mounting Brackets: Take advantage of this cooling system's four (4) adjustable mounting brackets to anchor the unit into your wall's framing

Easy Repairs: The CPU14786's removable steel case and refrigerant access valve allow you to easily service and repair the internal components