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Chefs Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer

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Chefs Choice Chefs Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer

Serve up delicious deli-style meats for sandwiches, salads, and much more when you use the Chef's Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer ( 609 ). This food slicer features a Stainless Steel, multi-purpose blade that allows you to slice meats up to 3/4 thanks to the precision thickness controls. The large-capacity food carriage allows you to hold large deli meats to slice, and the carriage is tilted to help slicing much easier, making it better on your hands and keeping your arms from getting tired.

With a built-in powerful, high torque motor, this slicer will never tire out when you are cutting your meats, and the locking mechanism for the blade and food carriage ensures that there won't be any accidents while the machine is not being used. This helps to keep you and your family or friends safe around this heavy-duty food slicer. The easy-clean design of this slicer makes it simple for you to clean the entire machine, from blade to food carriage, in very little time. Perfect for the food lover in your family, or those who love to serve sandwiches with fresh meats, this slicer will be there to slice your foods with ease.

Thickness Control: The Stainless Steel blade is able to cut meats of up to 3/4 in thickness, giving you versatility in the cuts of your foods

Easy Slicing: A tilted food carriage and high torque motor make it easier to slice your foods than normal slicers

Safe to Use: With a locking mechanism for the blade and food carriage, you can be assured that there will not be any accident while the machine is not in use