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CMA Dishmachines

CMA Dishmachines is one of those brands that is constantly striving for quality products and quality customer service. In fact, you might even call this their mission. Unlike a lot of other commercial dishwashing companies out there, CMA tries to make sure they do business with customers on a mutually profitable basis. But other than just an ethically honest approach to selling their wares, there are other qualities that make them so prevalent in the commercial dishwashing world. For example, their straight-forward approach to manufacturing high functioning, top-quality equipment is first and foremost what puts them on the map when it comes to commercial dishwashing equipment.

Starting off small in a little manufacturing facility in Westminster, California, CMA Dishmachines has since moved manufacturing to their facility in Garden Grove, California where they produce everything from undercounter dishwashers, single rack dishwashers, energy-saving dishwashers, sanitizing glasswashers, and more. You can even find models that specifically feature high-temperature or low-temperature washing cycles. Since CMA is so focused on customers wants in addition to their needs, you can be sure that from this brand you’ll find some dishwashing products that will give you years of valuable services.

The versatility found in CMA Dishmachines is virtually unmatched. Take the high-temp undercounter unit from CMA that can confidently wash both glass and dishware. Coming in a sturdy stainless steel, this machine ensures a 180°F sanitizing rinse with every cycle. Operation is simplified due to easy-to-use controls and wash-cycle options. Or check out a product with a more specific task like one of their undercounter sanitizing machines that specifically is meant for glass washing. Like other CMA products this unit has simple controls that renders operation relatively easy, not to mention it comes in durable and attractive stainless steel as well. There are also compact, undercounter units designed more for dishwashing. These dishmachines might come with features like additional stainless steel wash and rinse arms, and higher clearance to support bigger dishware items such as large plates or platters. Not all of CMA’s dishwashers are high temp and undercounter. The low-temp upright dishmachine they make comes with chemical sanitizing options and rinses dishes without super-heated water, making it quite a bit more energy efficient. The auto start/stop feature makes operation easier and safer.

When a company like CMA has been touting their “low energy” glass and warewashing machines since the early 70s, you can be sure they know what they’re talking about. They were striving towards energy efficiency when it wasn’t simply popular to do so. In this way, they are a sort of expert when it comes to producing machines that conserve electricity and water. CMA Dishmachines is constantly attempting to provide customers with high quality products as well as service. And it’s now wonder, since they want to be known and attributed with long-lasting, powerfully-sanitizing commercial dishwashing machines and equipment. Check out their line of dishmachine products today and discover the wonder behind CMA.