Commercial Ice Machines

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Commercial Ice Machines

While commercial-grade ice machines do essentially the same thing as their residential cousins, there are a couple of key difference that make them especially suited to their industry. More often than not this relates to ice output and time spent producing ice; industrial ice machines generally have the capacity to make and/or store exceptionally large quantities of ice in a relatively short amount of time. In this way they are useful for certain environments where large amounts of ice are often needed. This means that a commercial ice maker could be used in any context from fast-paced food service to a busy hospital setting. Take a look at the various types of commercial ice machines on the market today in order to better decide which unit suits your industrial needs.


These ice machines are especially popular due to their all-in-one nature. With a self-contained ice maker you don’t have to worry about finding additional storage for your ice being produced because these models have the benefit of being able to both produce and store large amounts of ice. You can find self-contained ice makers in nearly any size or capacity. Whether you’re looking for a slim, 15” unit that specializes in creating lots of cube ice while taking up only a tiny bit of space, or a larger model that produces and stores hundreds of pounds of flake-type ice for drinks and display alike, there is a self-contained ice machine that can suit your ice output needs as well as any space restrictions you might have. Often times these self-contained units will also be undercounter in nature due to their relatively low height and simple installation process.

Modular Models

These commercial ice machine types are not quite the same as smaller ice maker models. A modular unit will be able to produce extremely large amounts of ice in a single, 24-hour cycle. Sometimes these machines have the capacity to make over 1,200 lbs of ice in merely a day’s time. Something to consider though is that these ice machine types require some sort of additional storage, since as a unit they literally only create ice. As far as storage and dispensing, you’ll need some sort of periphery product. The versatility in these modular units does come to bear in regards as to how you want to use them specifically. As previously mentioned they can fit up with dispensers or storage bins; sometimes ice dispensing units can also offer additional storage. In a restaurant setting where the ice maker is in the back and used primarily by the staff, a storage bin hooked up to a modular unit might be best. In a hectic hospital a hard-working modular unit can be combined with a dispenser to ensure anyone and everyone will be able to get ice with ease.


Dispensers for commercial ice machines are interesting in the amount of variations that exist on the market. A lot of commercial dispensers work as self-contained units in that they have the capacity to make ice, dispense it, and sometimes even store a small amount as well. Of course, sometimes these units cannot make ice and are simply meant to be combined with a modular unit. It’s important to note that just like self-contained or modular ice makers have a maximum daily ice output, commercial ice dispensers have a maximum rate at which they can dispense ice. Since there are some many different ice cube-types out there today, it’s vital to make sure that whatever ice dispenser you decide to mix with a modular model supports whatever ice type that modular unit produces. Industrial ice dispensers will frequently boast the ability to dispense clean, purified water as well.

Storage Bins

Just as important as the machines that make the ice are probably the storage bins required to keep the ice cool, clear, and clean. These commercial-grade bins are meant to handle extremely large quantities of ice that get produced by modular units. A lot of modular ice makers can support different types of storage bins and certain storage bins can accommodate several different types of modular ice machines. Make sure you check the compatibility of your storage bin so you don’t end up with an ice machine and ice storage bin that don’t in fact match-up. These large-scale ice bins are fantastic in their insulation properties. They often sport things like polyethylene insulated cabinets or corrosion protection. Keep an eye out for especially sanitary ice storage bins that are NSF listed.

The Business of Big Ice

In the commercial world it’s important to find a powerful, industrious ice machine that not only meets all of your individual needs and wants but also is durable and long-lasting. Additionally, commercial ice makers are only gaining ground in regards to overall energy and water efficiency when it comes to ice production. With so many brands and models out there today, the process of picking the perfect ice machine can seem intimidating. Make note of specifications that are essential to you and your company, do a little bit of research, and before you know it you’ll have a short list of commercial ice machines to choose from. Get a head start with our easy-to-navigate site and extensive list of ice machines and storage bins today.