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Properly Store Foods and Beverages in a Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial refrigerators, whether for restaurant, grocery store, or convenience store application, are crucial for the proper storage of foods and beverages. In this way it’s important to keep in mind what type of products you’ll be storing in your commercial refrigeration. Since there are so many different types of applications for commercial refrigerators, there are a lot of different types of fridges on the market. There exists such a variety of styles and brands to consider when searching for your perfect commercial refrigerator, it’s important to do a little bit of research to see what will best suit your particular needs.

Meet Your Merchandising Needs

Merchandisers typically have glass doors, so customers can easily survey the interior contents. These come in both swinging door and sliding door styles and are either designed for freestanding or built-in application. These are popular in grocery and convenient store businesses. Merchandisers come in a variety of different types and capacities. They range from one to three doors wide, and come in a lot of different heights as well. This means it’s possible to find countertop models of merchandisers. Smaller in capacity than the taller models, these countertop merchandisers are especially useful for businesses that don’t have a lot of free space.

Easy In, Easy Out

Reach-in refrigerators can have glass or solid doors, which are generally swing in nature. They tend to have large, deep capacities and work fantastically in large commercial restaurant industries where a lot of cold goods are necessary to be on hand. Some of these reach-in models even have multiple cooling zones for products that need to be stored at different temperatures or just need to be kept apart. It’s not uncommon for these models to come with castors included or at least offered as optional.

Better Built In Refrigeration

Built-in or undercounter refrigerators are for the space-conscious. If a commercial kitchen or bar doesn’t have a lot of space, this type of refrigerator will almost certainly appeal to its owner. Generally equipped with solid swing-type doors these refrigerators will sometimes come with glass doors so you can easily see what is stored. Compact, but often with a lot of depth and space, these little, model commercial fridge units are popular for their space-saving nature, relatively large capacity, and overall efficiency as far as maintenance and installation. You can find undercounter units with both side and front venting designs.

Keep It Cute on the Countertop

Working great in terms of size and portability, these small, compact commercial refrigerators are meant to top a counter and do a great job of catching customers’ eyes. Perfect for storing multiple types of cold drinks and even sandwiches and other snacks, these unit types will generally always come with glass doors. This way a potential customer can properly view the stored products and goods. Countertop units like these will have a sliding or swing door design. Some even come with a four-sided glass cabinet to provide the easiest viewing of products. If you’re looking for units that can draw attention and also are great at saving energy, look for those with a blue Energy Star rating.

Proper Food Prep Tables

Refrigerated food prep tables are especially useful in kitchen settings or fast-paced food-service environments where wide countertop spaces are needed. These are very useful for a number of different reasons, the foremost among them being the combination of qualities they provide. For instance they can both provide spacious areas for food preparation as well as a refrigerated section where food about to be prepared can be placed. In this way, and because of the additional utility they carry, refrigerated commercial food prep tables are maybe the most efficient and versatile type of commercial refrigeration on the market. These unit types will often come with included castors for ease of mobility.

Don't Cry Over Warm Milk!

Durable and incredibly well insulated, milk coolers are ideal in situations where you have large quantities of milk (think crate or cartons) that need to be properly stored at the precise temperature. These units contain factory-balanced refrigeration systems that keep the temperature extraordinarily cool but never freezing. Of course, while these units are made specifically for cooling milk, you can utilize their impressive capacity to store other liquids or foodstuffs that are recommended to be stored at similar temperatures to that of milk and dairy.

Feed the Need for the Floral

Temperature controlled floral cases might seem niche, but they are incredibly effective. These glass-door merchandisers come in a variety of sizes and capacities but they generally use sliding doors. These units also are front-breathing by design so they’re meant to be used primarily as a freestanding appliance. In this way they can be placed in a number of different settings. The large sliding glass doors make reaching the flowers being stored a snap, and while they glass doors makes it easy to view the floral arrangements, they also provide adequate insulation, keeping the contents at the proper temperature.

Displays to Impress

Refrigerated display cases are a must in a lot of commercial industries. From coffee shops to airports, these powerful, yet attractive type of commercial appliances do a great job of keeping your products properly chilled while still drawing the eyes of potential customers. There refrigerated cases come in a couple of different types. For instance, they can be open in the front allowing customers to reach in and grab items; they can feature an attractive glass half-wall to frame displays; some units have a glass wall covering the selection and have sliding back-entrance doors for employees to use. This last type of unit is common in bakeries or cafes

Back Bar Refrigeration & More

Bar refrigeration comes in a lot of different types. This is because from a commercial perspective there is a lot that a bar has to accommodate for for their customers. Common bar back refrigeration ranges from bottle coolers, back bar fridges, and even large, glass or solid door merchandisers. The amount of cooling units your bar needs is determined by what can be placed there space-wise as well as what kind of business you bar can bring in. Chillers or frosters, specifically used for chilling pint glasses and the like, are also quite popular in bars. This way a bartender can make sure that their patrons are getting cold beer 100% of the time. Smaller bars that still want to offer beer on tap might even have some commercial kegerators which can have anywhere from one to three dispensing towers.

Hundreds of Refrigerators

All styles of commercial refrigeration feature varying degrees of options and capabilities, and it’s up to you to figure out which unit types will best be able to help you with your needs. They come in a variety of capacities. On the smaller side, commercial refrigerators offer 9 cubic feet or storage and on the larger side they can offer up to 46 cubic feet of storage. Single, stacked or side by side doors are other options available. In fact, there is such a variety in commercial refrigeration, no matter the industry you happen to work in, you should be able to find a unit or collection of units that cover all the bases and more.