Affiliate Information

The LivingDirect.Com Affiliate Program offers you the chance to enrich your website by including banners, images, and text links to LivingDirect.Com's website and products. When a visitor to your site clicks over these links to the LivingDirect.Com web site and makes a purchase, you can get a check for 5% of the purchase price (not including shipping charges, sales tax, and other applicable charges and fees).

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is an agreement between two websites. Generally, one website agrees to promote the other website and direct customers there. In return, the promoting website gets a percentage of the sales directly resulting from this promotion.

Why should I join the LivingDirect.Com Affiliate Program?

We offer a 5% commission rate on all sales that you refer to us. This commission is based on the sales price, and our average sale is over $340. If we assume that this trend continues for the customers you send us, that means that you would average about $17 per sale- and that money is yours to keep with no strings attached. Let us worry about order processing, shipping the product, and any customer service.

More LivingDirect.Com Benefits

Additionally, you can add value to your own site by providing your visitors with thoughtful, relevant links to LivingDirect.Com- and we don't only offer products. From our informative Buyer's Guides to the wealth of information (often including hard-to-find owners manuals and cut sheets) we showcase on every product we carry, the services our site offers can be a welcome supplement to your site. Plus- once a visitor to your site clicks over to ours, you will get your commission on any purchase they make that day- and any purchases they make for the next 30 days! So even if your visitor doesn't purchase right away, or looks at a buyer's guide page rather than at a specific product, you still get the commission on any purchases they do make within that 30 day time period.