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Air Circulators & Fans: Personal and room fans for the home or office
» Floor fans, tower fans and personal fans for easy air circulation
» Perfect for the bedroom, living room and office
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Home Air Coolers: Designed to provide spot cooling for your room
» Produce cool air up to 12 degrees cooler than room temperature
» Perfect for particularly warm rooms that require more than just a fan
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Commercial Air Coolers: Heavy duty and high performance air coolers
» Portable air coolers able to lower ambient temperatures up to 20 degrees
» Perfect for commercial or industrial settings
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Commercial Fans: Ruggedly built and high grade commercial fans
» Powerful fans capable of circulating air in even the stuffiest of places
» Perfect for warehouses, garages and other workspaces
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Air Movers: Powerful air movers suited for restoration
» Able to dry damp or wet floors, walls and crawlspaces
» Perfect for restoration type projects
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Air Cooler Accessories: Products to complement or enhance your air cooler
» Products designed to make your air cooler perform better
» Perfect for those who need additional air cooler components
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