Which Electric Fireplace Is Right For You? flat mantel fireplaces electric stove fireplaces wall mount fireplaces media console fireplaces corner mantel fireplaces
Mantel Fireplaces: No-maintenance with realistic flame technology
» A practical, efficient heating option and a gorgeous addition to any room
» Perfect for those looking for an attractive multi-functional fireplace
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Electric Stove Fireplaces: Resembling cast-iron stoves & requires no venting
» No combustion means no greenhouse gases or hassles of starting a fire
» Perfect for those looking for a charming and old-fashioned fireplace
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Wall Mount Fireplaces: Installed on any wall and comes with a remote
» Electric operation means indoor moisture or mold on walls isn't a problem
» Perfect for those looking for a modern and contemporary fireplace
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Media Console Fireplaces: Features shelves and space for media accessories
» Optimize living space with a multi-functional media console fireplace
» Perfect for those looking to maximize space with an entertainment center
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Corner Mantel Fireplaces: Fits into corners with a weight bearing corner design
» Available in a variety of finishes with attractively decorated panels
» Perfect for those looking for a mantel fireplace for tight spaces
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