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Portable Dishwashers & Compact Dishwashers: Do they produce different results than a normal dishwasher?

Countertop dishwashers pack just as much cleaning power as the full-size models. Like full-size models, the countertop dishwasher utilizes powerful criss-crossing water jets that remove food particles and sanitize dishes. But as an added advantage, countertop dishwashers use less water and detergent than their full-sized rivals, and often have significantly shorter cycle times.

Our compact size models are perfect for situations where you need a dishwasher but cannot fit a built in dishwasher or you simply have little counter space to spare. For instance, if you have a home, apartment or small business that has trouble filling a full-size dishwasher, a countertop or portable dishwasher may be the perfect solution for your cleaning needs.