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In 1972, Engineer John Elliot sought to develop a series of industrial dehumidifiers that were well-adapted for the UK climate. And, by popular demand, Ebac was born. The family-owned company soon grew into a national manufacturer, creating the UK’s first mass-produced dehumidifier specifically designed for the Northern climate.

Ebac is now a worldwide leader in industrial dehumidification, engineering innovative appliances that set standards higher than ever for competitors. Their dehumidifiers are well-suited for a multitude of purposes, so whether you’re renovating a space or preventing water damage—Ebac has just what you need.

As the brand’s specialty, Ebac’s collection of industrial dehumidifiers are engineered for your satisfaction. Each unit is durably constructed of the most robust materials, such as galvanized steel, making them a reliable contender for extraneous tasks. Whether it’s for a vast open warehouse or factory—or even just your own basement—these dehumidifiers work great for both residential and commercial applications.

Flooding causes inconceivable amounts of damage, but you can help rectify your home’s structural integrity with one of Ebac’s many products. It’s important that moisture is quickly removed from your space, as it will help prevent an unfathomable amount of issues. Ebac’s dehumidifiers can very easily prevent rust and corrosion, as well as minimize the chance for mold and other bacteria to flourish.

For construction sites and renovation projects, Ebac’s portable models are exactly what you’ll want. Self-contained and easy to transport, these durably built appliances are able to withstand the most hostile environments. Most can efficiently operate in temperatures as high as 104°F, in addition to brutally cold 30-degree weather, so you can rest assured knowing your top-choice will outlast many seasons.

Long power cords combined with easy-roll casters allow you to tackle any size space, no matter if it’s upstairs or across the lot. This brand’s dehumidifiers are available with many different features, varying in moisture removal, operating temperature range, noise level and installation—just to name a few.

Almost all models come equipped with internal water tanks, so you can let your unit run automatically for hours and days without having to drain the condensate. For continuous drainage, consider investing in a dehumidifier with gravity drain connections or a built-in pump. Complete with innovative functions to suit any type of space, including computer centers or even historic museums, Ebac dehumidifiers excel at moisture removal.

Aid evaporation at the push of a button with an Ebac infrared industrial heater. Designed to supply virtually instantaneous heat, these powerful units employ infrared technology to direct heat as a beam—heating people and objects rather than surrounding air. Ebac heaters require no ventilation or oxygen to operate and emit zero emissions, including gas, water vapor or other particulates. One of the best things about these heaters is the unmatched mobility. They are relatively very lightweight and easy to transport, which is an ideal essential for painters, builders and construction workers.

Since the early 1970s, Ebac has been devoted to supplying residential and commercial properties with advanced, reliable dehumidification. Browse our collection of Ebac dehumidifiers, air movers and heaters to find the ideal solution to your specific need.