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EdgeStar Distinctive Products: Accenting Your Life On The Go

For over a decade EdgeStar has been driven to develop powerful energy-conscious appliances that transform their customers’ lives. The international brand has repeatedly revolutionized the compact appliance industry, and is well known for their thoughtful design that tailors to today’s busy flow of life. When you buy an EdgeStar appliance you can expect quality, satisfaction and innovation—topped with an award winning customer service team to ensure you’re 100% satisfied.

With units as narrow as 12” in width, EdgeStar’s wide selection of wine coolers have repeatedly raised the bar. Whether you prefer red or white wine—or both—EdgeStar offers single and dual zone coolers to accommodate a variety of customer preferences. Their single zone series is equipped to provide anywhere from 18 to 166 bottle storage capacities, while the dual zone units offer capacities up to 155 bottles. The brand even boasts unique side-by-side wine refrigerators so you never have to worry about running out of room.

EdgeStar’s design is focused around optimizing compact spaces, and their ventless combo washer dryers are the perfect example. These units require no special attachment or connections, just a 115-volt outlet and a standard faucet to use as the water source and drain. Upgrade your RV, boat or apartment with the needed convenience of a complete laundry station. EdgeStar has designed a number of small appliances, like the 6 place setting countertop dishwasher, to easily comply with tight spaces in need of household essentials.

If you’re in need of a slim, reliable solution to conveniently store your favorite food or drinks, look no further than EdgeStar’s advanced series of compact refrigerators. These units are reinforced with a high power compressor to achieve temperatures in the low 30s, compared to competitors who struggle to cool below 40°F. The company has even upgraded their best beverage coolers for outdoor applications, so you can enjoy a cool refreshment on the hottest of days. Completed with beautifully finished stainless steel framing and unique LED interior lighting, these units are great contenders for any space.

Aside from beverage and food, the versatile brand also specializes in medical-grade refrigerators and freezers engineered specifically to safely store a combination of medical supplies. These units are ETL tested and approved to meet EdgeStar’s high quality standards, making them perfect for hospitals, lab centers and pharmacies. And, they’re fully equipped with an array of features to ensue all interior contents are properly stored.

From cleansing indoor air to providing up to 16,000 BTUs of cooling power, staying comfortable is something that EdgeStar focuses on achieving. While some building codes and HOA’s forbid window ACs, the brand’s portable air conditioners are perfect alternatives for keeping your space cool. Some units even offer dual functionality by providing supplemental heat to ensure for your comfort no matter the season. Instead of adjusting the thermostat to compensate for hotspots in your home, EdgeStar’s professional air quality appliances help keep rooms at the perfect temperature without sacrificing your electricity bill.

Between the filter indicator light and their energy-saving design, EdgeStar’s dehumidifiers are built to serve the customer, all while ensuring for quick and pain-free maintenance. These Energy Star rated units can maintain your desired humidity levels, pulling 30, 50 or 70 pints of moisture per day for rooms 400 to 800 square feet in size.

EdgeStar’s portable ice makers are durable, efficient, and best of all, compact. Keeping an emphasis on design and quality, EdgeStar’s award winning ice makers can effortlessly supply anywhere from 28 to 48 pounds of ice per day. If you’re in need of something more heavy-duty, built-in options are available to emit up to 65 lbs of restaurant quality ice, and are finished with stainless steel to seamlessly blend into to any kitchen or entertainment center. These modern ice makers are great for entertaining, hosting dinner parties, and best of all—making frozen beverages.

Whether you’re preparing for an event or wanting to serve beer from the comfort of your own home, EdgeStar’s world-class kegerators are engineered to achieve temperatures in the low 30s. As some of the coldest units on the market, these kegerators are available in a wide range of configurations and finishes to make sure you find the perfect fit for your needs.

From auto-defrost features to completely automatic operation, when you purchase an EdgeStar appliance you’re guaranteed to get a quality, innovative product. You can depend on their superior customer service team to stand behind the appliance with all aspects of support. Purchase an EdgeStar today to enjoy life with less worries, and let the appliance do all the hard work so you can finally relax.