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Electric Fireplaces Bring Ambiance & Warmth to Any Room

Electric fireplace heaters make a great addition to your living space for a great multitude of reasons. In addition to providing cozy ambiance in places where having a traditional built-in fireplace is prohibited by either space or cost, electric fireplaces are a great source of supplemental heat that is easier to control than unruly flames.

Most can be operated with or without heat, which allows you to enjoy the inviting glow of the fireplace even when the extra heat is not needed. The technology used in these units is more advanced than ever before, making the flames uncannily lifelike. Maintenance and upkeep you would usually associate with a fireplace are non-issues as electric units do not require any cleaning or routine maintenance.

Placement of your fireplace is only limited by access to an electrical outlet and your imagination. While living rooms and bedrooms are popular choices, with such a wide variety of style options there is sure to be an electric fireplace that can fit just about any space in your home. Some styles, such as the media console units, are even dual purpose making them a functional space saver in addition to a stylish focal point.