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Essential Ice 58 lb. Undercounter Ice Machine

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Scotsman Essential Ice 58 lb. Undercounter Ice Machine

Just what your break room, bar, or restaurant needs, the Essential Ice 58 lb. Undercounter Ice Maker (CU0415MA-32) is scaled to fit under a counter and churns out 58 pounds of medium-sized ice cubes per day. This compact ice maker also stores up to 36 pounds of ice and has an easy to access sliding door at the back. Its control panel makes it easy to operate and adjust the ice thickness.

High Production: Makes 58 pounds of .875-inch square ice cubes and stores 36 pounds of ice

Environmentally-Friendly: Consumes only 12 kWh of energy and 41 gallons of potable water per 100 lb. of ice, plus meets US Safe Drinking Act low lead requirements and uses non-ozone depleting R-134A refrigerant

Reliability: Include 3-year parts and labor warranty, has a corrosion-resistant exterior, and was made in the USA