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26 cu. ft. Solid Three Door Back Bar Cooler

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Fogel 26 cu. ft. Solid Three Door Back Bar Cooler

Give staff an easier time during happy hour with this spacious back bar cooler from Fogel. This machine can store a great deal of tasty beverages with its 26 cubic feet worth of space. This space is separated into three sections, each fitted with two adjustable epoxy-coated racks for storing even more drinks. Makes drinks ice-cold in no time with the help of a powerful force-air evaporator and 134a condenser unit that both work to create a constant circulation of cold air to make drinks as refreshing as possible, as quickly as possible. The construction of this unit is highly secure as well, made with galvanized steel for the interior surrounded by an outer cabinet of steel. The top is also Stainless Steel, making this cooler all-around solid and long-lasting. The doors are secure as well, with manual locks on each one. They're also filled with polyurethane insulation to keep cold air in, as is each wall of the coolers interior. For ice-cold drinks for years to come with no drop in output, then Fogel is your best choice.

26 Cubic Feet: Perfect for bulk storage to keep up with rampant demand in busy bars

Three Separate Areas: For better organization of your products, this unit provides three potential areas to store drinks cans and bottles in

Built To Last: Galvanized steel interior, complemented by a cabinet of pre-painted black steel - top is Stainless Steel, making it suitable to rest drinks on

Secure Doors: Chrome hinges allow for a maximum swing of 120° - each door can be individually locked to prevent access to certain stock or if maintenance needs to be carried out

Polyurethane: Each door and each wall has been treated with internal foam-packed polyurethane to provide proficient cold air insulation - this coupled with the secure doors ensures no loss in productivity or increase in energy bills

Powerful Refrigeration: Fitted with a force-air evaporator and 134a condenser unit that work co-efficiently to create a cold environment for the stored drinks - great for quickly getting ice-cold drinks

Recessed Handles: For that little extra comfort during use, each door is fitted with a recessed handle for comfortable grip

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