FollettItem # bci3094971

15 Series Freestanding Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

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    Follett 15 Series Freestanding Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

    The freestanding model of the 15 Series ice maker and water dispenser provides a quick and easy way of producing high quantities of easy-to-chew ice. The design incorporates external Stainless Steel, space to accommodate cups up to 8.80", light blue illumination to draw focus to the area of use and effortless cleaning and positioning of the unit for ease of installation. The freestanding 15 Series features a sleep mode to save on energy bills, and is environmentally sound acting as a refrigerant with zero risk of ozone depletion. The unit does all of this at a reduced noise level for quiet production.

    Chewblet Ice: Output of 125 lb. of chewblet ice each day. Chewblet is the preferred type of ice chunk for businesses such as restaurants and healthcare facilities.

    Simple Set-Up: Comes fully assembled freestanding, and only requires an electrical connection and a water connection. No drain installation required.

    Highly Efficient: This unit passes the official Tier 2 specifications set by the Consortium of Energy Efficiency for highly efficient ice machines.

    Sleek Design: The Stainless Steel, black accent trim and soft blue point-of-use lighting are not only practical, but also give the unit a striking appearance.

    Eco-Friendly and Energy Saving: Sleep mode runs at a much lower power to help reduce needless energy expenditure and maintain a low carbon footprint.

    Easy to Clean: The removable 20 oz drip tray can be treated with a complimentary drip tray drain kit that comes with the unit making maintenance all the more effortless.

    Low Production Noise: Produces ice with minimal noise helping it to integrate peacefully into the workplace.