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Single Zone Walle Mounted Heat Pump 11200 BTU Indoor


Friedrich Single Zone Walle Mounted Heat Pump 11200 BTU Indoor

You don't need a complicated duct system to have comfortable air conditioning within your home. Friedrich J Series Single Zone Wall Mounted Indoor - Heat Pump (MW12Y3J) offers 11,200 BTUs of cooling power, and 13,300 BTUs of heating - giving it a suitable area of influence of roughly 550 square feet. The automatic louvers on the front of this device move around to ensure that this machines output is reaching every corner of the room, for a uniform temperature throughout. The air quality is also kept immaculate with the built-in air filter and dry dehumidifier mode. This machine can absorb dust, moisture and particles and take them out of the airs circulation - keeping both the air and itself clean. The filter is easy to remove and clean for years of practical use.

11,200 Cooling and 13,300 BTU Heating:The power of the MW12Y3J allows for a room between 500-550 square feet to enjoy a consistent temperature throughout that you control
Easy To Program:Programming happens via a wireless controller, which lets you time temperature regulation and plan it around your day - let the machine work while you sleep, or keep a cool temperature ready for when you come back from work
Keeps The Air Clean:The air filter keeps the air fresh and can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement - the 'dry mode' also allows moisture to be removed from the air to avoid damp or humid conditions
Works Quietly:Whisper quiet operation to avoid disturbing people as it works - provides high performance air conditioning in an ambient fashion
Automatic Louvers:The louvers of this machine act as a way of spreading the hot or cool air throughout the entire room, instead of concentrating it to one area of the room
Three Optional Fan Speeds:Full control over the speed of the fan is available to help you moderate the speed of the temperature change - lets you gradually ramp it up or down over time
Automatic changeover:This function allows the machine to detect room temperature and change between modes automatically to help effectively regulate temperature