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Friedrich Air Conditioning

Ever since Friedrich was established in 1883, the native-Texan company has been committed to creating appliances that tailor to their customers’ needs. Originally engrossed in developing commercial refrigeration equipment, Friedrich expanded their advanced cooling technology to air quality appliances—which is now the brand’s sole focus of production. After releasing their first line of air conditioners in 1952, Friedrich has exceled in engineering innovative window, thru-the-wall, portable and mini-split air conditioners, along with dehumidifiers, that help individuals save money while staying comfortable.

Repeatedly known for their energy-efficient design and commercial-grade construction, Friedrich has become one of the most recognized air conditioning brands on the market. They offer window ACs designed to accommodate spaces up to 1,600 square feet with 5,000 to 36,000 BTUs of power, and even feature units with dual heat/cool capabilities. In 2010, the company released their Kuhl series, an advanced line of window air conditioners that quickly set product standards with innovations in quality, controls and customization. Their superior performance has been commended for commercial and residential applications; Friedrich’s window air conditioners are smart additions to any space.

In addition to window air conditioners, Friedrich’s Thru-the-wall ACs are alternative solutions for staying cool while conserving precious window space. Their Wallmaster line is ideal for thicker wall installations where side fins don’t fit, and can flush-mount with the exterior wall for a nonintrusive appearance. If you’re looking for a replacement to an existing thru-the-wall unit, look no further than Friedrich’s Uni-Fit air conditioner line. The series is easy to operate and install, utilizing a sleeve able to fit small 24.5” to standard 26” openings. These are perfect for new construction sites, renovation projects and spaces where window air conditioners aren’t an option.

Friedrich’s engineers are constantly working to develop convenient appliances that fit into their consumers’ needs. The brand’s mini-split air systems excel at cooling spaces without the need of ductwork—even rooms lacking windows or exterior walls. Some of Friedrich’s ductless split systems feature heat pumps to provide supplemental heating in addition to electric heat models, along with single, dual and quad zone options to conveniently condition multiple rooms at once. These energy-efficient units utilize state-of-the-art inverter technology to maintain set temperatures without overworking the compressor, so you can achieve optimal comfort at the lowest possible cost.

Designed to eliminate hotspots with ease, Friedrich’s portable air conditioners provide optimal functionality for staying comfortable. The household brand offers single and dual-hosed appliances able to emit 8,000 to 14,000 BTUs of power, while treating spaces up to 450 square feet. Friedrich’s dual hose design will cool areas up to 40% faster than single-hosed air conditioners by reusing indoor air, rather than wastefully expelling it with exhausted heat. These units can be easily installed through a wall opening or window, and can be transported from room to room—wherever you need complete comfort in a matter of minutes.

While many of Friedrich’s air quality products are equipped with naturally dehumidifying properties, their portable dehumidifiers excel at cleansing unwanted moisture from your space. Whether it’s in the basement, bathroom or anywhere else in your home, Friedrich’s dehumidifiers will keep your space free of mold and mildew while helping prevent pest infestations. These appliances meet EnergyStar requirements in order to guarantee eco-friendly and energy-efficient operation, with estimated yearly costs as low as $32 despite the dehumidifying power. Friedrich offers units able to remove 25, 50, and 70 pints of moisture from spaces in a 24-hour period, along with options for a built-in drain pump to easily accommodate any setting. Programmable humidity operation, automatic defrost, and intuitive compressor cycles are some of many conveniences Friedrich’s dehumidifiers will provide for years to come.

For over a century, Friedrich has been dedicated to ensuring their customers are as comfortable as possible. Focusing their entirety on air conditioners, the brand’s expansive product catalog offers a range of options to help you find the best cooling solution for any need. Choose from one of Friedrich’s many beneficial appliances and transform your home into a comfortable sanctuary.