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Though Frigidaire’s first electric refrigerator went on sale in 1913, it wasn’t until 1918 when the name Frigidaire became associated with them. A natural fit, the name was spawned only after General Motors—predicting the obvious future of the phenomenal electric refrigerator—purchased the company. It was then that Frigidaire moved into mass production techniques with improved production facilities and expanding sales offices to become the industry giant it is today. Numerous milestones followed: ice cream cabinets in 1924, all-steel refrigerators in 1926. The first home food freezer: 1929, the same year Frigidaire built its one-millionth refrigerator and began selling internationally. 1938 brought the first window-type air conditioner, while 1948 saw the first fridge-freezer combo with an entirely separate freezer compartment.

Now, nearly 100 years later, the name Frigidaire is synonymous with refrigerators and cooling. The global giant is a well-known brand that’s a common, practically naturally-forming occurrence inside of any home and department store. But while the refrigerator might be Frigidaire’s raison d’etre, it’s certainly not Frigidaire’s only specialty.

There’s no better proof than a browse through our selection of Frigidaire air-cooling solutions here at Compact Appliance. Nobody’s immune to the hot hot heat that arrives neatly in the middle of summer, bringing sweltering temperatures and sweaty conditions with it. But not everybody has access to the cooling salve that is a built-in air-conditioning system. Maybe your house doesn’t account for vent space, or maybe you live in a climate that’s usually so forgiving you’d never think of it outside of summer. For you, Frigidaire is here.

An open window can easily convert into the space necessary for a window air-conditioner. Simply slide the unit into the window and expand any necessary sliders or casements as needed, close the window, and secure the unit, and you’re all set. These clever units come in powers anywhere from 5,000 to 25,000 BTUs and require no extranormal spaces or installations for use. With extras like electronic controls, automatic timers, and remote controls, these units are perfect for beating the heat that might catch you and your house unawares.

Or maybe you don’t have traditional venting but might prefer something a little more permanent if you’re going to be using it for more than a couple of months. In this case, our Frigidaire Through-the-Wall units are perfect. Even if the room you’re looking to cool has no windows, these through the wall units fit into sleeves that connect to the outside via an exterior wall for high-powered cooling. Ready to treat spaces anywhere up to 700 square feet, these are sure to help you cool down when the hot weather is trying to make sure you do anything but.

Of course, hot temperatures aren’t the only frustrations summer might bring. If you’re okay with the temperature but find your living space a little too humid or muggy, look no further than Frigidaire’s portable dehumidifiers. These clever devices pack powerful machines that whisk moisture out of the air and into awaiting tanks, which Frigidaire offers in 30, 50, and 70 pint models. And their portable design makes sure that you can let the air lighten up no matter what room you’re in.

No matter what you’re after from Frigidaire—be it a window or wall air conditioner, a dehumidifier, or an accessory to help you get going—we’ve got it. Check out our selection at Compact Appliance and stay cool even when summer isn’t.