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24" Chefmate Commercial Gas Hot Plate with 4 Burners

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GLOBE 24" Chefmate Commercial Gas Hot Plate with 4 Burners

The Globe Chefmate Natural Gas Hot Plate With 4 Burners (C24HT) is an energy-efficient and space-saving machine that has the ability to cook a whole variety of menu options to perfection. Not only will you achieve so much more on its 24 cooking surface but you will also be able to take advantage of this hot plate's ability to run on natural gas, so now your cooking operation can benefit from unlimited hours of continuous cooking. Soon after this machine arrives, you will begin to understand just how important it will be to your kitchen.

The Iron Grate:This hot plate comes with a heavy-duty, cast iron grate that will help to maximize the distribution of heat throughout the cooking surface. The cast iron material is a fantastic conductor of heat, and it also retains energy incredibly well - meaning that the cooking surface will remain at its optimum temperature for longer

Durability:This hot plate will never let you down. The frame and support structures on this unit all boast a Stainless Steel design that will keep the product in fantastic condition for years to come. It's super-sturdy, so you can be sure it'll be strong enough to face some of the most challenging catering tasks

Stability:The Stainless Steel legs provide the hot plate with support when it's sitting on the countertop. The legs are made from Stainless Steel in order to keep this 115 lb machine stable, even in the busiest of catering environments

User-Experience:This machine really is a fantastic addition to your kitchen because the height of it can be quickly adjusted to suit the needs of the operator - making it easy for every member of your team to use it

Grease Removal:When you're cooking vast quantities of food, grease and fat can easily build up on your hot plate that can affect the taste of your food and the performance of the product. In order to stop this from becoming an issue, a Stainless Steel drip tray is built-in, allowing it to be easily removed and the contents safely emptied