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10" Medium Duty Manual Gravity Feed Slicer

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GLOBE 10" Medium Duty Manual Gravity Feed Slicer

For quick reliable slicing with an ultra durable device, the Globe G10 gravity feed slicer provides bulk amounts of food slices in a short span of time. This device greatly reduces fatigue and time when preparing high quality slices. This device is equipped with a 10 hollow ground blade capable of slicing through some of the toughest meats and other produce. The blade can be kept sharper for longer with a helpful blade sharpener that comes on top of the device - adding more life to the slicer. The sharpener can easily be removed and washed. The comfortable handle allows you to fully control the amount of slices you produce and allows for lengthy use without the operator getting tired. The area surrounding this countertop slicer keeps clean thanks to this units splash zones catching excess residue and liquids.

10 Hollow Ground Blade:Ultra sharp blade for slicing through most types of meat, cheese and other produce - high quality output at a rate that suits you

Comfortable To Use:The dual purpose handle is ergonomic and greatly reduces user fatigue during lengthy use

Very Easy Operation:The thickness of the slices is controlled with a simple turn-dial, and everything else is controlled with simplistic touch pad controls

Completely Safe Operation:There is virtually no risk of injury or contamination via spilt blood thanks to a knife ring guard and its slide reflector

Anodized Aluminum:The body of this machine is super resistant to all kinds of food residue and acids that could tarnish surfaces over time - you can be guaranteed of long service with this design

Gravity Assisted Slicing:The food chute for feeding produce through to the blade is angled at 35 to make slicing easier

Compact, Low Clearance Design:This smaller model of Globe slicer suitably fits on any countertop, and its dimensions makes operating it with a comfortable posture easy for long use

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