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12" Medium Duty Automatic Slicer

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GLOBE 12" Medium Duty Automatic Slicer

Globe offers a range of productivity boosting meat and cheese slicers perfect for any sandwich shop, butchers or other such businesses. The G12A is a medium duty model fitted with an ultra sharp 12 blade capable of creating perfect width slices every time. The blade doesn't go dull easily, even after copious, but for any signs of wear this machine provides a built in knife sharpener to keep the blade keen and efficient. The entire apparatus is built to last, with anodized aluminum construction providing high resistance to corrosion and other damages. This machine takes the stress and effort out of producing bulk by operating both automatically and manually. You can obtain slices at a rate of 40 per minute thanks to the fast action slicing, combined with the helpful 35 slanted gravity feed chute. All components can be easily dismantled and individually cleaned.

12 Blade Fitted:Includes a 12 blade that efficiently pierces most produce to create precise, uniform slices as thick as 0.5 wide

Promotes Comfort During Use:Designed to sit low down on a countertop for optimal slicing without being hunched over the apparatus - the handle is also ergonomically designed to promote comfort

Simple Controls:Alternate between manual and automatic use with just a flick of a switch - thickness is controlled with a simple dial and power and is simply a case of pushing the touch pad

Perfectly Safe:Both the knife cover interlock and the permanently affixed knife ring guard prevents harm coming to the operator of this device

Anodized Aluminum:Highly corrosion resistant to help protect from the acids from certain foods - this machines exterior will not deteriorate easily

Gravity Fed Slicing:The food carriage is slanted at 35 and hold a total capacity of 10 H x 8.75 W x 8.25 D - suitable for medium sized jobs

Knife Sharpener:Features a knife sharpener that can be removed and washed whenever needed - keeps blade sharper for longer to help service your business for many years

Easily Integrates Into Workplace:The design is compact enough to be placed upon any countertop - very little clearance required, and the only utility required is from a standard outlet

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