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36" Commercial Gas Hot Plate with 6 Burners

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GLOBE 36" Commercial Gas Hot Plate with 6 Burners

The Globe 36 Commercial Gas Hot Plate With 6 Burners (GHP36G) enables you to make light work of the most demanding of projects because it comes with six burners that are mounted onto the cooking surface. You will be able to cook a wide variety of menu options without taking up vast amounts of space in your kitchen because it's compact enough to fit on your countertops.

Burners:On this hot plate, you will find six burners that are made out of cast iron. This material keeps your burners looking in great condition, even after a substantial amount of time. Not only that, the burners are incredibly powerful - boasting a total output of 132,000 BTU/HR. The energy that's given off from these burners is strong enough to thoroughly cook the most demanding of menu options

Insulation:To make this hot plate as energy-efficient as possible, the double walls come with a Stainless Steel construction that reduces the amount of heat that's lost to the kitchen environment. The ability to work to a strict budget while serving delicious food to your customers is essential to the success of any kitchen, so this feature will drastically reduce the amount of money you have to spend on fuel

Fuel:This hot plate is designed to run on natural gas, but versatility is one of the key features of this product because a liquid propane conversion kit is included in the pack - catering for kitchens that operate using this fuel source. No matter what fuel source you choose, you can be sure of top-class results

Easy To Operate:This hot plate is very easy to use because it comes with an extendable, Stainless Steel front edge that allows you to touch it without getting burned. This feature allows you to get closer to the cooking surface to check on the progress of your food

Stability:This hot plate comes with Stainless Steel legs that will keep the unit stable while it's resting on the countertop - reducing the risk of hot materials falling on the floor. The legs can be used to adjust the height of the product, making it more comfortable to use

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