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10" Single Sandwich Grill with Grooved Plates

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GLOBE 10" Single Sandwich Grill with Grooved Plates

The Globe 10 Single Sandwich Grill With Grooved Plates (GPG10) can cook a wide range of menu options with ease. It has the ability to reach temperatures of 570 degrees F, which makes cooking products like chicken, meat, vegetables and burritos a snap. Not only does this machine boast incredible functionality, it comes with a Stainless Steel construction that will enable it to perform in the toughest catering operations for years to come

Seasoned Grill Plates:To protect this product from rusting, the cast iron grill plates are seasoned. This seasoning acts as an oil coating that will keep your grill plates in fantastic condition, even after prolonged, heavy-duty use

Cooking Surface:You will be able to produce large quantities of the same item on this machine because a grooved, 10.25 x 8.875 cooking surface is included in the bundle to provide you with plenty of room to work with.

Temperature Control:In order to maintain a consistent temperature when the machine is in use, a thermostatic control is used to provide the required amount of heat to the machine. The thermostat ensures the temperature remains constant throughout the cooking surface - minimizing the chances of hot and cold spots appearing in your food. The thermostat also provides this grill with the ability to cook the toughest of ingredients because it has a maximum setting of 570 degrees F

The Catch Tray:When you're cooking, a large amount of grease can build up in the machine that can affect the performance of the grill and the taste of your food - as well as posing as a fire risk. The Stainless Steel catch tray safely stores any materials that may be produced during the cooking process until you're ready to empty it. The tray can be removed from the unit to allow for easy access and cleaning

Surface Protection:This grill comes with rubber feet that prevent it from skidding when it's placed on the work surface - this allows you to fully concentrate on the job at hand as you won't have to worry about keeping the machine stable while you're using it