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Price Computing Scale

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GLOBE Price Computing Scale

The Globe Stainless Steel Portable Price Computing Scale (GS30) excels in busy environments because it has the ability to add up multiple transactions. As well as boasting a large, 30 lb capacity, this machine has the ability to operate with batteries - meaning you can take it virtually anywhere. This machine can easily handle the most complex of transactions - enabling you to serve your customers so much quicker.

Transactions:This machine is perfect for use in busy convenience stores and butchers because it has the ability to add up multiple transactions. We know that customers may come to you with a large order of goods, so it's important that you process them quickly to reduce the waiting times in your store. Altogether, this scale can handle transactions that reach a maximum of $9,999.99 - this extra functionality minimizes the chances of errors occurring in the pricing structure

Energy Efficient:This machine stands out from the crowd because it is incredibly energy efficient. In order to preserve battery power, the scale automatically switches off when it's not in use. You don't need to remember to switch the machine off at the end of your catering operation because the item does it for you. Thanks to this feature, the machine's batteries will last for longer

Trading:You can use this item in a whole host of commercial applications because it has been deemed legal for trade

Power:If you need to take this machine to other locations within your store or kitchen, this can be easily achieved because the scales are fitted with a rechargeable battery that enhances its portability. However, we know that, sometimes, you may need to use this machine for a prolonged period of time - that's why this machine comes with an AC power cord that enables you to plug the machine into an electrical outlet

Display:This product comes with a dual screen that boasts an LCD display and a character width of 0.63 . The dual display makes it easy for you and your customers to see what's being entered into the machine - minimizing the chances of errors appearing when the items are being priced up. The screens are also incredibly versatile because they can display the weight, the unit price and the total price of a product

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