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10" Single Sandwich Grill with Smooth Plates

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GLOBE 10" Single Sandwich Grill with Smooth Plates

The Globe 10 Single Sandwich Grill With Smooth Plates (GSG10) is perfect for producing menu options that don't require grill marks as part of their presentation. This versatile machine can cook wraps, sandwiches and quesadillas to perfection while its Stainless Steel, heavy-duty design will enable this machine to thrive in the toughest of kitchens.

Seasoning:To allow this grill to perform to its best in every catering operation, its cast iron grill plates need to be seasoned in order to prevent them from rusting. Thankfully, the grill plates on this model are seasoned before shipping, allowing you to start cooking virtually as soon as the product arrives

Thermostat:To ensure that every batch of food you produce is cooked thoroughly and evenly, a thermostat controls the temperature of this grill. Once you've configured the thermostat to your desired heat output, it will maintain this setting until the machine is switched off

Temperature Range:This grill has the ability to cook some of the most challenging items because it boasts an output that is powerful enough to penetrate virtually any item that's placed on the grill plate. You will be able to take advantage of this grill's maximum temperature of 570 degrees F to cook a whole host of menu options to perfection

Construction:This grill comes with a Stainless Steel construction that will enable it to withstand intense catering operations for years to come. When you purchase a grill, you expect it to be made with the highest quality of materials to enable it to perform to its best in every situation, and the GSG10 certainly ticks this box

Rubber Feet:No matter what work surface you use this grill on, its rubber feet will provide it with excellent stability and support - preventing it from moving around when you're using it