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A Japanese company that now operates internationally, Hoshizaki specializes mainly in kitchen electrics and appliances. Recognizable thanks to the Penguin logo, Hoshizaki America is especially known for their development and production of ice makers. This includes fully-automatic modular units, as well as smaller, more accessible commercial undercounter ice machines. With such a large selection of ice makers, each boasting unique ice types and interesting and innovative features, it’s no wonder the name Hoshizaki is commonly associated with concepts of quality, reliability, and efficiency.

Hoshizaki Ice Machines

There are a number of different ice maker types on the market these days and Hoshizaki manufactures nearly all of them with unparalleled quality. They have modular units that can produce upwards of 1,800 pounds of ice in a single day. While these units are not self-contained and therefore need an ice storage bin to accommodate their large daily output, they’re still versatile. Some units can even be stacked side-by-side on a storage bin for twice the ice production. These units are particularly slim, sporting widths that can range from a mere 22 to 30 inches. Of course Hoshizaki also makes impressive undercounter or self-contained units as well. The undercounter cubelet ice machine comes in a variety of different sizes and ice production potential. This nifty air-cooled unit can produce as much as 320 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period as well as store an additional 80 pounds. Low maintenance leads to a longer life and less headaches in regards to upkeep.

For incredible versatility take a look a Hoshizaki unit built for custom cabinetry. This undercounter unit for instance makes as much as 55 pounds of ice a day and can store 22 pounds of ice. Its slim, under-15-inch width makes it installable in in almost any environment. Also, this unit is specifically meant to be installed in areas with customized cabinetry and has a swing door to support this type of customization.

It’s not just quality products that make Hoshizaki so impressive as a brand. This Japanese company also prides itself in its sustainability across the board. Throughout the years they have working on practicing conservation tactics as well as different waste management techniques and recycling programs in order to become more economically sustainable. And from 2012 to 2015 Hoshizaki has been awarded Energy Star Partner of The Year proving its environmental and energy efficiency as well.

Hoshizaki Commercial Refrigeration

Of course, Hoshizaki, as reputable as it is as an ice maker brand, is well known in the world of commercial refrigeration as well. Often times, an ice dispenser will have refrigerated storage. This is a common feature, and Hoshizaki products are no different. But this Japanese brand also carries reach-in and smaller built-in refrigeration units. Additionally, Hoshizaki makes refrigerated food prep tables and chef bases for busy, commercial kitchens. In fact, if you include their built-in freezers and worktop freezers, you could easily outfit most of a kitchen with only Hoshizaki products. Find refrigerated work and prep tables, commercial-grade freezers and refrigerators, ice and water dispensers, modular and built-in ice machines and more. Hoshizaki equipment is some of the hardest working and longest lasting in the industry!

Hoshizaki is a Brand You Can Trust

A large number of commercial industries can make excellent use of a commercial ice machine, whether it’s undercounter or modular. The key is to just determine what kind of ice output your company will require; after that, simply figure out the dimensions available for your ice maker and pick an ice cube type. The ethical efficiency Hoshizaki boasts combined with the incomparable quality of their product, will sure to impress not only you and your employees, but they will also surely impress customers and visitors to your company alike. Understand ice making on a whole other level with the powerful and effective family of Hoshizaki ice machines, accessories, and storage bins.