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Low-Temp Chemical Sanitizing BarMaster Glasswasher

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Insinger Low-Temp Chemical Sanitizing BarMaster Glasswasher

The Insinger GW-40 - Low- Temp Chemical Sanitizing BarMaster Glass washer (GW-40) is perfect for using in bars. With the capability to wash up 40 racks of dishes per hour, getting glasses cleaned and ready to serve again becomes minimum effort. The low temperature, chemically balanced sanitizing action of the GW-40 is supremely efficient as it uses special detergents to clean instead of expensive hot water. Operating the GW-40 is as easy as pressing On and Off , and with automatically timed wash and rinse operations, bartenders can be occupied doing what they do best, serving drinks!

Huge Turnover:With the capacity to wash up to 40 20-in. square racks within an hour, the GW-40 can wash an enormous amount of glasses in a short amount of time

High Clearance: With the generous clearance of 11 between racks, glasses in all kinds of shapes and sizes can fit inside the GW-40

No Room for Error: Thanks to the sturdy physical stop attached to each rack, guiding it into the correct place requires next to no effort

Energy Efficient: Because it uses sanitizing detergents instead of energy consuming hot water, the GW-40 is good for the environment and good for saving money, too

Fully Automatic: User input for the GW-40 is very streamlined, washing so many glasses has never been as easy as On and Off