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High Temperature Pot-Pan and Utensil Washer- Electronic Series

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Jet-Tech High Temperature Pot-Pan and Utensil Washer- Electronic Series

The Jet-Tech High Temperature Pot-Pan and Utensil Washer- Electronic Series (777) provides innovative technology paired with a rugged construction for wash cycles that leave your tough pots and pans sparkling clean and ready for service. This washer features a front load design with a welded Stainless Steel construction made for busy commercial kitchens. High powered washing arms and a fully automatic cycle makes quick work of washables, while debris filters protect the pump removing food particles for cleaner results. A front mounted, soft touch electronic control panel features a digital display making it easy to adjust for various cycles. A built-in detergent pump and rinse additive pump provide consistently clean and sanitized pots and pans.

Construction: Stainless Steel housing, wash tank and all chassis components.

Automatic production: Completely automatic wash and rinse as well as automatic detergent and rinse additive pumps.

Wash arms: Upper and lower revolving wash and rinse arms offer powerful washing cycles and are easy to remove for maintenance.

ThermoStop System: Guarantees 185 F final rinsing temps regardless of incoming water temperature.

OneGo: An electronic control system with LED interface and soft touch buttons allows for three different cycles.

SmartSelf Diagnostics: Advanced diagnostics allow for easy maintenance and repairs.

EasyGo: A soft-start system protects dishes and glassware from chipping or breaking during startup.<

Controls: This unit features a soft touch control panel with digital read out.

Capacities: Rack capacity is 27.55" x 27.55" with a wash tank capacity of 17.96 US gallons

Wash cycle times: 3-program settings - program one: 141 sec, program two: 291 sec, and program three: 561 seconds.