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Jet-Tech Commercial Dishwashers

A part of the long-standing and well respected foodservice giant MVP Group, Jet-Tech Dishwashers are some of the most energy-efficient ware-washers on the market today. Making complete, durable commercial cleaning appliances, Jet-Tech makes dishwashers for the professional who is always on the lookout for a combination of quality and value. MVP Group has been in the foodservice industry for 50 years, so you can be sure that glass washers and dishwashers from their Jet-Tech products will well exceed your expectations.

As far as commercial dishwashing goes, there are a number of different types of dishwashers and each carry their own features and attributes. Undercounter commercial dishwashers are similar to home undercounter units. They both have comparable heights, and may even sport capacities that are similar as well. A major difference between residential and commercial undercounter dishwashers is sheer power. Since a commercial dishwasher is generally used in the food service industry, time is always a necessity. This means an undercounter unit not only has to adequately clean dishes, it has to do so in an extraordinarily short amount of time. Some of these undercounter commercial dishwashers have wash cycles under 90 seconds, making them extraordinarily time efficient.

There are also upright dishwasher models which, while not conveyor-type in design, can still clean a large amount of dish wear. These models can support large wash cycles, but unlike undercounter units, these have large lift-doors which make for easy access and helps provide a quick turnaround. The lift-door of these units along with the metal walling and sides helps to but down on the noise level of the machine as well.

Other unit types are bigger and can handle even larger loads of dishes and sport more features and accessories. Conveyor-type dishwashers for instance utilize a type of pulley system that pulls a loaded rack of dishes through the cleaning element of the machine. Think of car wash but for dish-wear instead. Most of these units have options like low-temp or high-temp just like their residential cousins. Some conveyor-type dishwashing units can clean over 2,000 dishes per hour. These type of units are perfect for largescale restaurant or hotel settings that go through thousands upon thousands of dishes a day, regardless of whether it’s a busy day or not.

Additionally, Jet-Tech makes warewashing units specifically designed for cleaning glass. These glass-washing units are similar to the standard commercial dishwashers but will often carry certain features to minimize damage to the glass. For instance, a soft-start feature can help eliminate chipping on fine crystal or fragile flutes.

Able to be found in high or low temperature models, the Electronic Series from Jet-Tech consists of an especially efficient line of products. The SmartSelf diagnostics alerts help you keep track of maintenance throughout the years, and the OneGo LED Control System features soft-touch buttons and allows you to choose between three different cycle-types. Machines from the Electronic Series aren’t only full of useful properties; dishwasher models from this line have stainless steel chassis components and wash tank for additional longevity.

It’s important to note that doing research while shopping for commercial dishwashing equipment is a must for a couple of reasons. The most important might be size and water-output. For instance, you don’t want a unit that’s too small because then time will be wasted running the same dishes through multiple cycles. On the flip side, you don’t want one of excessive size because then you’ll be wasting water and energy on undersized dishwashing loads. This is why Jet-Tech’s array of differently sized and powered commercial units is helpful. An innovative brand in the foodservice industry, Jet-Tech employ full-robotic production processes when making their units. The result is a productive company that sports a variety of products each carrying a plethora of functions and features. Check out the Jet-Tech difference today and prepare to be blown away.