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Stainless Double Faucet Tower w/ Perlick 650SS Faucets

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    This custom tower (DT2650SS) combines a slick, double faucet beer tower from Tap Right with perfectly angled beer faucets from Perlick. The beer tower itself can function well in a commercial or residential setting due to its Stainless Steel construction and durable build. The fact that the tower can connect to all standard keg couplers makes this a convenient model. The beer faucet is even angled specifically to improve pouring and draining. A floating front seal helps keep bacteria and mold from growing by keeping the beer from being exposed to air. The faucet comes with a flow compensator as well, which helps provide a more varied flow and offers more control when pouring the beer.

    Vertical Spout Angle:The Stainless Steel Perlick faucets are angled as such to provide better pouring and draining

    Strong Seal:The bearing cup supports an O-ring which helps maintain a positive seal and allows for smooth tracking of the handle

    Flow Compensator:Helps vary the flow, making it ideal for pouring sampler glasses or growlers

    Reliable: This unit comes with 5 feet of 3/16 ID NSF-approved clear beer tubing (hex nut assemblies included)