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8000 BTU 115 Volt Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner with Advanced Filtration and Remote

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Koldfront 8000 BTU 115 Volt Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner with Advanced Filtration and Remote

NOTE: To properly install this product you will need an installation sleeve, sold separate. SKU: WTCSLV 

This Koldfront Through the Wall Air Conditioner is the ideal choice for keeping your home comfortable as the warm summer months approach. As a through the wall unit, this product will provide efficient cooling to the room of your choice without taking up window space or protruding from the outside of your home. Because the unit remains mounted on a wall inside your home, you will only have to install it once without worrying about storing the unit during harsh winter conditions. The user friendly control panel with a digital display makes it easy to control a wide array of settings, including 4 fan speeds and a 24 hour timer. When it comes to convenient home cooling, you can't go wrong with this through the wall air conditioner. 

Sleep Mode: Set sleep mode before going to bed, and the unit will automatically increase the temperature in small increments, and then return to its original set temperature after 6 hours, allowing you to save energy overnight and wake up just as comfortable as ever 

Through the Wall Installation: The air conditioner's installation requires the WTCSLV wall sleeve (not included), which forms a tight seal between the unit and the wall, allowing cool air to stay sealed inside, while the warm air that is exhausted outside cannot reenter your home. Another advantage to the wall mounted installation is that it does not require you to sacrifice access to a window or the view from it 

Energy Efficiency: The unit can be made more environmentally friendly and cost effective with the energy saver function, which causes the compressor to only run long enough for the unit to reach the set temperature, at which point the compressor shuts off until it is needed again 

Dehumidifier Capacity: When the air conditioner is set to operate in dry mode, it acts as an efficient dehumidifier while some cooling continues to occur 

Advanced Filtration: The unit includes an easy to clean air filter that ensures only clean and fresh air will be circulated throughout your home 

Adjustable Louvers: The air directional louvers are easy to adjust manually with handles that allow you to direct the air flow in any path you wish