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24" Underbar Glass Rack Storage Unit- Royal 2100 Series

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Krowne 24" Underbar Glass Rack Storage Unit- Royal 2100 Series

Help staff manage glasses easier with a spacious glass rack storage unit from Krowne. This unit can hold two racks upon its sturdy shelves that can hold several glasses at once for gradual drying. This allows users to perform other tasks during the interim without the need to monitor the drying or manually dry each individual glass with a towel. This unit is highly resistant against moisture thanks to its sturdy 20 gauge Stainless Steel construction. As well as its sturdy exterior, this unit is also compact enough to simply fit under any bar for quick glass storage. The moisture is drained away via two helpful 1 drains - one positioned upon the sturdy drain-board on the top, and the other on the bottom shelf, for comprehensive water disposal. This unit requires an IPS drain connection before it can effectively drain.

Accommodates Racks:This unit features a thick Stainless Steel shelf within the middle of the storage cavity, which opens up a great deal of space for both glasses to be placed, as well as racks. Whether you implement glass racks or not, this unit provides storage options to help accommodate your bar

Tough Steel Exterior:As well as the shelf, the rest of the exterior is reinforced too. The majority is made up of 20 gauge Stainless Steel, while the back and bottom of this unit utilized galvanized steel for added fortification

Compact Enough For Bar Use:This unit was designed to be low-profile and small enough to be both comfortable to access and use, and also easy to position anywhere under a bar

Drains For Both Top And Bottom:The top-mounted drain-board and the bottom shelf both have a drain that collects the water from the glasses and disposes of it properly. These drains work with an IPS drain connection, so no waste water tank is necessary

Accommodating Drain-Board:The top drain-board provides ample space for several glasses to be perched upon to dry. This drain-board is just as reinforced as the rest of the exterior - utilizing embossed Stainless Steel and being fitted with welded braces every 6