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Krowne Metal

Making stainless steel equipment for upward of 69 years, Krowne has a simple yet ambitious vision: “to become the preeminent global supplier of innovative stainless steel underbar equipment.” 2008 saw Krowne doubling production capabilities. Additionally they got a new production facility in New Jersey. As early as 2010 they were expanding with a second production facility. With these aggressive moves toward increased production you can see that Krowne is serious in their pursuit of imminence. These proactive moves help distinguish Krowne from the competition as well help move their company smoothly across the 21st century marketplace.

Krowne specializes in commercial underbar storage and equipment. Utilizing stainless steel construction, this reputable company makes a variety of different types of bar equipment. From underbar storage/sink combinations to top-loading slide-door bottle coolers, they have nearly any under counter appliance you’d want to outfit a bar with. Equipment like the 24 Inch Slide Top Bottle Cooler not only works as undercounter bar storage but as refrigeration as well. With a temperature range of 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit this bottle cooler is fantastic for keeping drinks cold without freezing them and ruining the drink. And a low clearance design allows for easy installation regardless of the kitchen or bar environment; no required drain connection only adds another level of versatility to the unit.

Other pieces, like the Underbar Glass Rack Storage Unit serves a different but equally important purpose in the bar. Being a mere 2 feet wide (24 inches) this appliance from the Royal 2100 Series from Krowne has a sturdy stainless steel exterior but sports additional galvanized steel for the bottom and back to add to its durability. The compact nature of the storage unit makes it easy to install, and then access once in use. Rubber bullet feet help ensure that there won’t be any damage to the floor. It is also worth noting that Krowne sells casters and many of their products are outfitted in a way that allows for the accommodation of these mounted wheels. This gives Krowne underbar appliances a unique edge over a lot of inferior competitors on the market.

Krowne believes quality of service comes before anything in the undercounter bar equipment market. Their constant striving for and overall commitment to excellence doesn’t just get recognized by customers alone. Krowne has been given, on several occasions, awards and recognitions by the Foodservice Equipment Best in Class Survey for Dealers. Additionally Krowne is proud member of KCL and makes NSF listed equipment. All this standing, it’s no wonder Krowne Metal Corporation has been going strong since the 1940s. With a line-up of products that include glasswashers, ice bins, sinks, back bar bottle coolers, glass storage and much more, it is only obvious that Krowne is a frequent favorite of pubs, restaurants, cafeterias and the like. Check out their line-up today and get the true Krowne experience. Give your bar or kitchen the royal treatment with stainless steel Krowne Equipment.