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Kwikool Commercial 16,800 BTU Portable AC

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KwiKool Kwikool Commercial 16,800 BTU Portable AC

The Kwikool Commercial 16,800 BTU Portable AC (KPAC1811-2) is one the smallest industrial-grade portable air conditioners on the market, providing up to 16,800 BTUs of cooling power. Perfect for spaces up to 600 square feet, this commercial air conditioning unit is designed for 24/7 spot cooling in server rooms, industrial plants and more,anywhere electrical equipment emits excess heat. Keep your space cool and free from electrical malfunction thanks to Kwikool.

The KPAC1811-2 is part of Kwikool's line of commercial portable air conditioners. KPAC series air conditioners are equipped with advanced features such as microprocessor controls, I/O integral condensers and heavy duty insulated cabinets. They were specifically designed for the cost-conscious business consumer, providing an affordable alternative to the spot cooler . The KPAC1811-2 works great for spot cooling, supplemental cooling, and most cooling applications where air conditioning is not readily available, such as a factory work station.

Efficient: This industrial-grade portable air conditioner is designed for hassle-free operation, providing maximum cooling in the smallest size possible
Economical: The KPAC1811-2 is designed for spot cooling in industrial plants, server rooms, hospitals and offices,especially where electrical equipment creates a heat load
Easily Portable: Four mobile casters at the bottom of the unit allow you to move it from room-to-room with ease
Durable Operation: Ideal for high temperature environments, the KPAC1811-2 is perfect for warehouses, factories, server rooms and more

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