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KwiKool: Your Industrial-Grade Cooling Solution

Ever since 1997, KwiKool has been developing world-class appliances that solve their customers’ unique needs. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the North American company is constantly revolutionizing the market—manufacturing industrial-grade cooling systems that are well-suited for any commercial setting.

Convenience, innovation and versatility are three factors this industry-leading brand holds true, and when you browse their collection of powerful air conditioners it’s clearly apparent. From water-cooled and air-cooled commercial ACs to ambient spot coolers and all the accessories in between, KwiKool’s products provide consumers with the best possible value for their budget.

If you have searching for a durable, reliable solution to keeping your warehouse, server room or office space cool and free of excess heat, look no further than our selection of KwiKool.

The Benefits of KwiKool Commercial Air Conditioning

KwiKool is unlike any competitor on the market today. Instead of looking ahead at what’s next, the brand constantly reviews their customers’ needs—improving and revamping their already-successful line of commercial air quality to ensure complete satisfaction. In 2008, KwiKool released its exclusive hyper-drive technology, which enables larger appliances to operate without the use of belts and pullies. This innovation virtually eliminated routine maintenance, allowing for a higher air intake while reducing the overall size of the 3.5-Ton and 5-Ton AC models.

It can be near-impossible to find the perfect cooling system for vast, open spaces—such as an industrial plant or hospital floor—but rest assured, KwiKool has an ideal solution for you! We offer a multitude of commercial air conditioners that vary in size, output, features and voltage, so you can easily find the best choice for your application.

Whether you are looking for a temporary fix to a seemingly permanent problem or simply cannot find a large-capacity unit to suit your desired installation, KwiKool’s industrial coolers tout slim dimensions without sacrificing performance or durability. In 2009, the brand released its smallest, most powerful ceiling mounted AC available. Nearly half the size of any ceiling-style unit on the market, the KCU series offers dual functionality by operating alone or with ductwork.

For a lower energy consumption—but equally as powerful operation—consider KwiKool’s Iceberg series. The KIB2411 is the most powerful for its design, offering an output of 24,000 BTUs on only a 115V 20 amp circuit. Most models operate on a 115-volt or 230-volt power supply, but all units are designed for maximum efficiency with I/O integral condenser dual ducting. Take advantage of the portable design to spot cool immediate spaces or utilize the integral condenser for optimal, full-capacity cooling.

All air conditioners, commercial or residential, build up condensate that must be drained at some point. No matter if your KwiKool is on the first, second or third floor, pre-installed condensate pumps provide a world of convenience. You can expel condensate up to 20 feet away, vertically and horizontally; models with internal/external reservoirs can hold up to 5 gallons of condensate, so you can continually treat a space while minimizing intermissions for drainage.

Invest in a Professional Cooling System Today

KwiKool’s appliances are technologically robust and simple to use, offering impressive cooling capacities of up to 120,000 BTUs for large rooms and spaces—especially locations with high heat loads. Reinforced with fully insulated interiors, galvanized steel exteriors and scratch-resistant epoxy finishes, these heavy-duty units are well-equipped to withstand the most extraneous conditions. Invest in an air conditioner that won’t give out in ambient temperatures above 100°F.

Browse our catalog of KwiKool models and invest in a reliable, long-term cooling solution today.