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67" Refrigerated Two Door Work Table

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LaRosa 67" Refrigerated Two Door Work Table

Turn your workbench into a multi-functional asset to your kitchen, with this refrigerated work table from LaRosa. This combines both a sturdy work table with industrial standard refrigeration all in one, giving users easy access to the ingredients they need to prepare meals without moving back and forth between the stock room and the work bay. Unit is made up of Stainless Steel, including both the interior and the exterior. Working is comfortable for any user because of the thick polyurethane foam insulation within the walls and doors of this unit. The casters on the base make moving the apparatus a breeze as well, so for heightened functionality and productivity in the workplace, a refrigerated work table is the way forward.

67 Work Surface:The surface provided is large enough to accommodate several ingredients at once, helping users create bulk meals. The convenience of having both the work surface and the fridge both together means you can be sure of a high output of high-quality foods with this unit

Tough Construction:Made with durable Stainless Steel for both the exterior and the interior of this unit, which makes cleaning the preparation area a lot easier, and stifles the spread of bacteria and contamination in the kitchen

Lots Of Room:Refrigeration area is split up into two sections to help keep things more organized, and each area is fitted with two interchangeable vinyl-coated wire racks for additional storage. The sheer quantity of ingredients possible to store means less trips to the stock room and a higher rate of work

Polyurethane:The interior is kept well insulated with the inclusion of polyurethane insulation for both the walls and the doors of this unit

Built Upon Casters:Easier to move from place to place thanks to the set of casters built onto the unit - great for repositioning at outdoor catering events, or within a kitchen environment

Forced-Air Evaporator:The evaporated has a protective over the coils and keeps the liquid refrigerant cooling the interior quickly and exhaustively - leaving no area untreated

Expansion Valve:This valve helps keep a manageable pressure level for the liquid refrigerant, which keeps it fully operational for longer and adds to the sturdiness of this units design

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