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93" Refrigerated Three Door Pizza Prep Table

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LaRosa 93" Refrigerated Three Door Pizza Prep Table

The perfect addition to a busy kitchen, or a large outdoor event. This mobile food prep table from LaRosa demonstrates a pedigree in high-functionality commercial food preparation, with an impressive 93 of workspace, three separate refrigerated areas for organizing ingredients, and a hardened Stainless Steel and high-impact plastic build. This unit is what will guarantee your business higher productivity - with high-quality food in bulk.

93 Wide:The surface comes with several small recesses on the top that can hold ingredients ready for easy access and storage. The surface itself is big enough to accommodate multiple pizza bases and sandwiches to help users multi-task and keep up with increasing demand

Steel And Plastic Construction:Built predominantly with reinforced Stainless Steel to create a robust unit capable of standing up to a great deal of use and punishment without tarnishing or getting dirty. High-impact plastic was incorporated for the self-shutting hinges and the sides of the interior for additional fortification

Very Spacious:Three separate areas of refrigeration which each come with two vinyl-coated wire shelves for additional storage. Easy access to a vast quantity of ingredients for when you are running low - means less trips to the stock room

Insulated Well:This unit incorporates polyurethane foam insulation to keep the temperature within the refrigerated area regular and prevent it from leaking or creating an inhospitable area to work around. Saves money on energy expenditure and keeps the unit from dropping in performance

Great Maneuverability:Each unit comes with a set of 6.25 casters that hold sturdy 5 diameter caster wheels, capable of withstanding the entire weight of this unit and giving it free movement - allowing for easy integration into any kitchen or dining environment

Forced-Air Evaporator:The protective-coated coils of this force-air evaporator keeps it from getting tarnished as it works. The evaporator helps keep the interior the perfect temperature for storing meats, vegetables and all other produce

Expansion Valve:The evaporator also uses an expansion valve, which keeps the pressure at a sensible level and prevents damage to the unit as it refrigerates. This unit was designed to require as little maintenance as possible, as to best serve consumers and users

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