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64" Refrigerated Four Drawer Equipment Stand

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LaRosa 64" Refrigerated Four Drawer Equipment Stand

Gain that all important height and make your kitchen equipment ergonomic when operating them, with this helpful Stainless Steel refrigerated set of drawers/equipment stand from LaRosa. The 3164-RR model of equipment stand offers you 64 wide and 31.57 deep surface area - giving you plenty of room for placing heavy, high-maintenance equipment on for easier use. You're provided with extra sturdiness and height with this units powerful 6 legs that can handle the heavy weight of kitchen appliances and gives them extra height, so that users don't need to hunch over in order to use them. The drawers underneath are kept cool via industry-standard liquid refrigerant and a force-air evaporator, providing top-level refrigeration - ideal for storing small quantities of produce of cutlery.

64 Space:Large amount of space to work with - great for holding very large items or several small appliances to save space within your kitchen

Long-Lasting:Made mostly with Stainless Steel, helping it stay clean and highly durable against heavy equipment and acids from foods. The drawers are also highly durable, sporting high-impact plastic hinges that keeps them opening smoothly without risk of breaking or sticking

Spacious Drawers:Comes fitted with four small drawers that act as perfect housing for cutlery or organizing food and plates. They're all refrigerated to a high-standard, so they are capable of preserving foods efficiently

Thick Insulation:The cold air is contained well within the drawers and the rest of the cavity thanks to the polyurethane insulation that has been fitted within the apparatus walls

Set Of 6 Legs:The combination of the low-profile design, with the assistance of the helpful wet of 6 legs, means that moving, and operating, cumbersome equipment a lot easier

Forced-Air Evaporator:Fitted with an evaporator that converts excess moisture into cool air that gets circulated all the way around the drawers and cavity - making sure that no areas are left tepid or unaffected by the cool air. Coils of this evaporator are additionally sturdy, thanks to a protective coating

Expansion Valve:The evaporator also works with an expansion valve, which monitors the amount of pressure within the refrigerant and moderates it to keep it at a steady level and keep the refrigerated drawers working at full productivity

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