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Five Pan Refrigerated Drop In Cold Pan

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LaRosa Five Pan Refrigerated Drop In Cold Pan

LaRosa (4170-MCDB) Five Pan Refrigerated Drop In Cold Pan has features in its design to guarantee its suitability to commercial repetitive use. This unit accommodates five pans, each of up to six inches deep, giving your customers a range of choices. Precise temperature control and careful design ensures that the product is practical, durable, and easy to use.

Size: This unit allows for five pans, giving you increased serving room in comparison to smaller alternative models

Stainless Steel Interior: The use of Stainless Steel on the interior of the product ensures that it will not rust or degenerate with repeated and constant use. The product is durable and hard-wearing

Galvanized Steel Exterior: The unit has an external housing of galvanized steel, paired with the Stainless Steel interior, the resulting product is extremely robust and practical

Utility: The interior drain, expansion valve system and the fully finished welds ensure that the product is of high-quality, and is easy to use

Power Cord: This unit features an 8 foot power cord and plug, giving you flexibility in its positioning

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