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LaRosa Refrigeration and Equipment

Since the 1970s the Grillo family has been making stainless steel refrigeration units in Detroit, Michigan. Under the moniker LaRosa, these kitchen and refrigeration equipment manufacturers have been designing, customizing, and building stainless steel foodservice appliances for nearly five decades. In fact, LaRosa even boasts that they produce the World’s Best Pizza Tables, backing up the assertion by creating them from stainless steel and offering unique customization. Made to last for years and years of use, you can be sure that LaRosa products will impress both buyers and customers due to their superior innovation and customization in the realm of commercial kitchenware.

LaRosa sells a variety of commercial kitchen products, including but not limited to pizza prep tables, cocktail stations, kitchen work tables, ice cream freezers, drop-in trays, display cases, equipment stands, hot food tables, and more. LaRosa’s equipment line can essentially be split into two main categories, the production series and the modular series. The production series contains prefabricated, standard-sized units. This line is comprised of quality LaRosa products that represent the same kind of construction and quality, but are sold at a cheaper price point. The modular series has stainless steel construction and can be modified or combined to meet specific commercial kitchen needs.

Generally a LaRosa product will contain a multitude of functions and attributes that make it ideal for your commercial kitchen regardless if it’s from the modular or production series. For instance, pizza prep tables that LaRosa sells will all come with a few standard features. Being constructed from durable stainless steel and typically using front ventilation, these prep tables are both long-lasting and conveniently versatile as to where they can be placed in a kitchen. Additionally they sport castors for ease of movement. The refrigerated work tables will also sometimes come with castors included, or at the very least give the option for installing them. These refrigerated cabinets use evaporator coils with protective coating, which helps cut down on overall maintenance and further delays replacement for the future. LaRosa also manufactures drop-in trays made from galvanized steel that are mechanically cooled and can accommodate a variety of different pan sizes. These items are fantastic for when you want to keep or display cold food items that you don’t want to use ice to keep them cool.

With over 20 major product lines, hundreds of accessories, and construction quality that rivals the masters on the market, it’s no wonder that LaRosa can confidently talk about their dedication to durability, performance and value. And the dedication doesn’t merely stop at craftsmanship. All of their products meet NSF, UL, and UL Canada standards and come equipped with impressive warranties. LaRosa even tells businesses that they can expect to receive their products within 2 to 10 working weeks of being ordered. Whatever sort of refrigeration or commercial-kitchen storage needs you must fulfill, LaRosa products will go above and beyond to help you meet them. This is an American company that proudly states “Whatever customers want, they get!” Check them out and become a satisfied customer within the month!