LGLP093CD3BItem # bci3044619Discontinued

9,300/9,500 BTU Heat/Cool Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner


LG 9,300/9,500 BTU Heat/Cool Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner

Designed for commercial applications, the LG 9,300/9,500 BTU Heat/Cool Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (LP093CD3B) is an essential addition to hotels, hospitals, condominiums and more. Emitting up to 11,900 BTUs of heating and 9,500 BTUs of cooling power, this PTAC provides dual functionality to ensure your space is comfortable no matter the season. The LP093CD3B is part of the LG PTAC series which is known for its ultra-quiet operation; these units have very low noise levels, making them perfect for living spaces or even bedrooms. This air conditioner features a minimalistic all-white exterior to blend into your decor while taking up a minimal amount of space. The LP093CD3B comes with a multitude of convenient features such as Auto Restart, Energy Saver mode, Sleep mode, a timer function and much more. A wall sleeve is not included with the unit and sold separately (model: AYSVB01A).

Versatile: The LP093CD3B provides up to 9,500 BTUs of cooling and 11,900 BTUs of heating power whenever you need it most; stay comfortable year-round despite weather changes
Temperature Range: With an operating range of 50°F - 90°F this PTAC has no problems accommodating your preferences
Energy Saver Mode: When this mode is on the indoor fan will work in tandem with the compressor, switching off as soon as the compressor stops running to minimize power consumption
Convenient Functions: Use the timer mode to set a timed operation of up to 12 hours, or rest comfortably with a sleep setting that raises 4°F in the span of an hour to help save energy
Ultra-Quiet Operation: Known for their low decibel levels and subtle tone, this LG PTAC is the best option for a peaceful, quiet environment
Freeze Room Protection: The LP093CD3B uses smart technology to actively monitor its environment and prevent freezing conditions
Dip Switch: This feature sets temperature limitations to help you save money. There are several adjustable dip-switch settings to help reduce energy usage
Digital Control Panel: The user-friendly control panel is easy to read with its backlit display and allows you to conveniently adjust the temperature to your desired settings
GoldFin Anti-Corrosion Treatment: Heat exchangers are coated with anti-corrosive and hydrophilic layers to help save power and maintenance costs; GoldFin anti-corrosion treatment ensures for long-lasting efficiency and use
High Efficiency Compressor: This PTAC comes equipped with a LG rotary compressor that emits a low amount of noise and vibrations while being highly-efficient and reliable
Low Noise Levels at High Air Volume: Your space will be much quieter than other units,even on the highest setting,thanks to the improved blowers and fans which are larger and stronger than before, operating at low rpm's with a higher efficiency
Warranty: One (1) year full system limited: parts and labor; Limited warranty on unit for years (2-5): parts only, exclusive of the refrigeration system; Limited warranty on sealed refrigeration system: five (5) years, parts and labor