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LG: Life's Good

LG has been an appliance stronghold for global consumers since 1958, developing products that simplify your life to help stay connected with those who matter most. With their brand motto “Life’s Good,” held to high standards, the company has always strived to create better and happier lives for their customers. As the fourth largest business conglomerate in South Korea, LG has paved the way for product standards by manufacturing the country’s first radios, window air conditioners, mini-split air systems, combination washer dryers and countless other products. The well-known brand is constantly making an impact in the industry, unveiling new products while continuing to fortify its status as a global corporation.

No matter what your needs are, LG’s intelligent window air conditioners will enhance your quality of life. Whether you’re suffering from blistering summer heat or trying to stay warm through winter's harsh months, LG offers unique units tailored to accommodate any space. The brand’s innovative line of cool-only window air conditioners are not only affordable, but extremely convenient. These window ACs are able to treat spaces up to 1,500 square feet with 6,000 to 24,500 BTUs of cooling power, which makes them the perfect contenders for apartments, studies, bedrooms and more. LG realizes consumers want ideal solutions for year-round use, which is why their heat/cool series is engineered to provide supplemental heating in addition to cooling. With an all-white minimalist exterior and digital thermistor, LG’s intelligent window air conditioners will seamlessly blend into your space. They’re designed to discretely fit into your window frame so you can create a room that’s both comfortable and stylish. From helpful dehumidifying functions to features like auto-restart and Energy Saver mode, these appliances have everything you need to stay efficiently cool your home.

With over 15,000 engineers in the company, LG is one of the largest leading producers of air conditioners in the world. Their mini-split air conditioners are energy-efficient alternatives to central AC systems, offering 9,000 to 33,000 BTUs of cooling and heating power to affordably treat your space without ductwork. This international brand developed the award-winning series with all consumers in mind, easily accommodating homes, offices and renovation projects where the building’s original appearance must be preserved. These mini-splits are engineered with LG’s Multi Power System, combined with high-performance variable-speed compressors, to quickly cool rooms to your desired temperature. With a wide selection of capacities, cooling and heat pump options—along with many other features like plasma air purifying technology—you’re sure to find the perfect unit to complement your space.

LG’s state-of-the-art portable air conditioners allow you to enjoy fresh, cool air no matter the location. These compact appliances vaunt a wide range of features that offer unparalleled functionality, easily transforming your room into a comfortable sanctuary. From 8,000 and 14,000 BTU cool-only options to the acclaimed 14,000 BTU heat/cool unit, LG’s powerful collection of portable air conditioners can effortlessly cool spaces up to 600 square feet. The reputable brand believes air conditioners should be felt, not heard, which is why these portable appliances feature LoDecibel technology to make them some of the quietest in the industry. Transport these units wherever needed and enjoy the convenient comfort of LG’s portable air conditioners.

Using half the water, space and energy of standard side-by-side washers and dryers, LG’s combination washer dryers are every city dwellers’ dream come true. With units as slim as 24” in width, and no required washer/dryer connections, these LG laundry stations can accommodate the most compact of spaces. These intelligent combos are constructed with LoDecibel direct drive motors for a powerful, but quiet, performance that puts competitors to shame. Get the space-saving design of a combo washer/dryer without sacrificing any important features, thanks to LG.

Driven with your satisfaction in mind, LG focuses on creating innovative appliances that enhance and simplify their customers’ lives. With contemporary styles, eco-friendly features and space conscious designs, this brand’s impressive collection will harmoniously fit into your home. Whether it’s in the kitchen, laundry room or bedroom, LG’s appliances are designed to make life good.