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Manitowoc: America's #1 Selling Brand of Ice Machines

Committed to quality products and customer satisfaction, Manitowoc is always pushing the envelope when it comes to ice production. What started in 1902 as a ship-repair and shipbuilding business, has become world-leader in cranes and foodservice appliances. Manitowoc Ice officially first began in 1967 and has been giving the ice world a shock ever since. From remote condensing innovation with QuietCube technology to meeting early-2000 NSF sanitation standards with the remarkable S-Series of ice machines, Manitowoc never pulls punches when it comes to producing quality appliances.

Manitowoc modular ice units offer a wide range of flexibly and customization. Investing in a modular ice maker essentially means you get the ultimate amount of choice, since you need to pair these units with a storage bin and head to complete them. Manitowoc modular ice machines come in a number of different ice making-styles; find cubers, flakers, or nugget ice machines to suit whatever individual ice-related need to may face. Manitowoc makes a modular half-dice cube ice machine that can produce over 900 pounds of ice in a single 24-hour period. Trusty and smart with an array of attractive features, this appliance comes with an easy-to-read display, an acoustical ice-sensing probe, and a DuraTech exterior.

As early as 2013, Manitowoc debuted its NEO Undercounter line. These ice cube makes fit under most counters and are Energy Star certified, using 25% less water usage and 10% lower energy consumption when compared to other Manitowoc units. This unit-type was meant to be an all-in-one solution to every ice machines’ needs. This NEO model can make as much as 120 pounds of ice in a day and stores up to 90 pounds. The attractive stainless steel cabinet and included ergonomic scoop are examples of how Manitowoc goes above and beyond, feature-wise with their ice machines.

Manitowoc also makes a number of accessories and ice-machine related products. The Automatic Ice Machine Cleaning system for instance works with a number of different appliances from the S-Series of ice machines. It helps by removing scale deposits that can build up over time, and removes algae growth with a built-in sanitizer. Or if you need a storage bin for your modular ice unit, check out one of this brands’ many high capacity, but space-saving ice storage units. A convenient “stay-open” design and an internal scoop holder help make this model better than the average ice bin. The stainless steel exterior means it fits in almost any office or industrial setting.

The Wisconsin facility that manufactures and designs Manitowoc ice products is nearly 360,000 square feet. With work space like this, it’s no wonder they can brag about a product line of 200+ models of ice machines and ice machine accessories. You can find ice makers that output of 3,000 pounds of ice, or small, undercounter units that make small, under-100 pound batches. This company prides itself on the fact that a lot of its units are Energy Star compliant, making them efficient in both water and energy usage. Manitowoc states that it is a company that is “Here to Stay.” With so much uncertainty in the world, why wonder about your ice? Manitowoc puts customer’s worries at ease thanks the dependability, experience, and pride this company has carried for over 100 years.