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E35-2 Double Manual Electric Full-Size Tray Turbofan Convection Oven

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    Moffat E35-2 Double Manual Electric Full-Size Tray Turbofan Convection Oven

    The Moffat (E35-2) Double Manual Electric Full-Size Tray Turbofan Convection Oven is a conveniently designed unit that brings all the power of two ovens into one stacked appliance. If you're looking to add a cooking unit to your kitchen that is easy to use and highly functional, these ovens would be the perfect choice. They have been equipped with many features to ensure that they always work to the best of their ability and to produce products of the highest quality possible. Whether you choose to broil, cook or bake your products in these ovens, you will not be let down.

    Construction: These ovens have a full exterior that is crafted from Stainless Steel, making them very durable and strong. The interior is plated in porcelain, which is ideal for retaining the ovens heat, but also makes cleaning any spills very easy

    Capacity: With space for 12 full size sheet pans, this unit is absolutely perfect for cooking large quantities of foods at the same time

    Safety: The oven doors feature stay-cool handles and there is a guard rail for the bottom oven included to prevent any burning. There is also an over-temperature safety cut-out system that has been included to help stop over-heating

    Temperature: The temperature range of these ovens is 150F550F, which can be managed by using the electronic thermostat controls

    Control: Monitoring the temperature of these ovens is extremely easy, as they have been equipped with electronic thermostat controls

    Air Flow: The air is always kept consistent due to the 2 speed bi-directional reversing fan system in each of the ovens

    Features: This oven features a one hour bake timer buzzer, and this is great for helping with timings. There is also an added timed water injected steam system that can be used to cook your foods to your liking