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500 Series 48000 BTU 34 Inch Wide Liquid Propane Built-in Grill

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Napoleon 500 Series 48000 BTU 34 Inch Wide Liquid Propane Built-in Grill

The Built-In 500 32-inch Gas Grill is easy to build seamlessly into your ideal outdoor kitchen.. The premium stainless construction ensures stylish longevity and unparalleled performance. Thick cooking grids, 7.5 mm of stainless steel, are virtually maintenance-free, providing the iconic WAVE™ sear marks that Napoleon is famous for. Precise temperature control and the ACCU-PROBE™ temperature gauge ensure that you're searing, smoking, roasting, rotisserizing and baking with ease. Instantly light the burners with the failsafe JETFIRE™ ignition system lights burners quickly with a jet of flame. Four burners provide the perfect amount of heat for any meal you want to create. The Built-In 500 32-inch Gas Grill has been designed specifically for ease of installation with integrated trim and longer electrical wiring for no design and functionality restrictions on install.


  • Featuring 48,000 BTUs throughout 4 main burners and a generous cooking area of 29.5 inches x 18 inches (74.93 cm x 45.72 cm) or 531 squared inches
  • 7.5 mm cooking grids are virtually maintenance free, and the unique wave shape provides even heating, prevents food from falling through, and produces exceptional sear marks
  • Ignite this built-in gas barbecue grill instantly, with the battery free ignition. This failsafe ignition system lights burners immediately with a jet of flame
  • Dual level sear plates catch and vaporize any food drippings, protecting the tube burners from damage and keeping your barbecue cleaner
  • The built-in 500 series 32-inch gas barbecue grill has been designed specifically for ease of installation with integrated trim and longer electrical wiring, increasing functionality and reducing design restrictions
  • Precise temperature control and the ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge ensure that you’re searing, smoking, roasting, creating rotisserie, and baking with ease
  • Each burner features cross lighting which ensures that all burners light and remain lit

Product Technologies:

  • Accu-Probe Temp Gauge: This gauge allows for safe reading of the temperature inside your grill without opening the lid. With a range from 0 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 370 degrees Celsius) and indicators for the ideal smoking and searing temperatures, you'll never overcook a steak again.
  • JETFIRE IGNITION SYSTEM: This innovative ignition system ensures a consistent and reliable start up through lighting each burner individually, and further, by utilizing a small gas jet ignited by an electric spark, an instant burst of flame is generated over the burners ensuring a quick and dependable flame every time.
  • WAVE Cooking Grids: Made of high quality stainless steel. The unique wavy design of Napoleon's cooking grids provide even heating and prevent smaller foods from slipping between the cracks. The grids provide extra surface area for any drippings from your food to vaporize, providing extra flavor.


  • BTU Output: 48,000
  • Total Cooking Area: 785.00 Sq. In.
  • Number of Burners: 4.00
  • Control Type: Knob
  • Burner Style: Stainless Steel
  • Height: 10-3/8"
  • Width: 34"
  • Depth: 21-3/8"