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Easy Slicer 1/8" Fixed Cut Manual Slicer

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Nemco Easy Slicer 1/8" Fixed Cut Manual Slicer

Nemco 55200AN-4 Easy Slicer 1/8 Fixed Cut Manual Slicer puts the power and precision in your hands and promotes careful and precise slicing to create the best possible product for your workplace. This machine utilizes manually controlled, Stainless Steel rotary blades that have no problem slicing through practically any kind of vegetable. The sturdy blade is complimented with a tough aluminum exterior that won't break under pressure and will provide many years of high-quality service. The blade can cut as finely as 0.125 in width, and the specific width can be fully controlled by turning a thumbscrew. The gauge clearly indicates the thickness of the cut, making it easy for anyone to use. The Easy Slicer is controlled manually, so there is no need for a source of electricity to power it. This makes it easy to place onto any countertop of a workplace.

Durable Rotary Blades:Stainless Steel rotary blades help this machine maintain peak performance. The blades are both very tough and extremely sharp, so it won't halt or buckle while slicing

Easily Cleaned:All of the separate components, including the blades, can be taken apart and normally washed in a sink or dishwasher without being tarnished

Years of Service:The design incorporates rock-solid castor aluminum as the body of this slicer, which guarantees a minimal amount of maintenance and many years of high-quality output

Perfect for Any Countertop:The lack of electricity not only saves you money on energy usage but also allows this machine to be placed wherever it's best suited, without worrying about utility clearance

Precise Slicing:The handle allows you to slice your own product manually without any trouble - ensuring you get the best result possible

Control the Pace:The Easy Slicer lets you moderate your working pace - excelling at fast paced slicing and cutting, as well as a slower, more controlled cut

Minimal Waste:The clean and contained way the Easy Slicer cuts through produce means it creates no mess while slicing and helps greatly reduce the risk of contamination

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