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Easy Onion Slicer 2- 1/2"

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Nemco Easy Onion Slicer 2- 1/2"

For great versatility in food preparation and a means to create a vast amount of ingredients easily without strenuous hand-cutting foods, the Nemco 56750-4 Easy Onion Slicer 2 provides. Don't let the name fool you, this device can easily slice through most tough fruits and vegetables thanks to the pre-tensioned Stainless Steel blade assembly that comes installed. To slice foods with this unit, all you have to do is place the food of choice over the blade assembly and bring the top drive pusher down onto it. This easy action results in perfectly cut 0.5 thick slices with every use. The simplicity of this highly functional slicer means that practically anyone can produce high quantities of sliced food instantaneously with no effort - upping productivity and help your business meet higher demand.

Highly Functional:Effortlessly slices through large onions, as well as a whole host of other tough produce like citrus fruits, celery, potatoes and more

Tough Components:This slicer is predominantly made up of commercial grade aluminum to keep it from breaking after frequent use and making it a great investment for your business. The blades used to slice are made of Stainless Steel which has been factory pre-tensioned for added durability

Great Stability:Comes with rubber feet legs that deter slipping while working and provide enough lower clearance to fit a small bowl to catch the food as it's being sliced

Easy To Dismantle:Pusher assembly comes away with the simple pulling of a pin, making washing this unit easy and hassle-free. The blade assembly is easy to remove from the unit and replace with different sized assemblies for varying slice widths (additional assemblies sold separately)

Encourages Long, Comfortable Use:The easy top drive pusher operation of this unit means that users can continuously slice food all day without getting tired - producing a huge amount of ingredients ready for meal prep in the process. This unit can raise productivity in the hands of any employee, experienced or otherwise

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