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Slanted Hot Dog Roller Grill with GripsIt Non-Stick Coating- 36 Hot Dog Capacity

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Nemco Slanted Hot Dog Roller Grill with GripsIt Non-Stick Coating- 36 Hot Dog Capacity

The Nemco 8036SX-SLT slanted hot dog roller is the best choice when it comes to showcasing a tasty product as it cooks. Each heated chrome roller cooks hot dogs and other products in a matter of minutes, meaning you'll never be in short supply and can satisfy all of the customers you're attracting. The 7 slant at which the cooks at is enough to keep hot dogs from falling off, while still giving passers-by a great view. It does all this while maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. The grease drip pan and grease barriers both prevent the seepage of grease and keeps the machine, as well as countertops, free from dirt. The rollers of this model also come with a complementary coating of GripsIt, which helps cleaning up a lot easier when sugar-coated things have been on the rollers.

36 hot dog capacity:Other kinds of foods bigger than hot dogs are also suitable for this machine - at full capacity this machine is big enough to accommodate 36 hot dogs, and can cook them at a rate of 720 an hour

No residue:The 360 turning chrome rollers cooks hot dogs and other foods effectively via this turning method, which also completely discourages any residue build-up even after long periods of use

Great for attracting attention:Cooks effectively even when slanted - this machine can be perched at a 7 angle to provide customers with a great view of the product as it's cooking

Sturdy build:The casing for the rollers is comprised of Stainless Steel and aluminum - the motor for the rollers is also filled with ball bearings that reinforces it and prevents grease seepage out of motor

GripsIt-coated rollers:Rollers can be cleaned with a damp sponge, and grease is prevented from leaking with both the drip tray and the grease barrier - the chrome rollers of this hot dog machine allow for easy cleaning, with its coating of GripsIt preventing stubborn stains from building up

Full temperature control:The temperature can be changed to one of seven different settings available, and the front and back rollers can even be given differing temperatures simultaneously to help cook different foods at once

Easy to use and install:Installing is simply a matter of plugging the 6 ft power cord into any compatible outlet - no assembly or utility hook-up required