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Range Hoods and Vent Hoods

Cooking can be tough. There’s the grocery shopping, the preparation, the cooking time—it all adds up. And after eating a delicious meal with your family, cleaning up is the hardest part.

While our range hoods won’t automatically clean your kitchen for you, they will certainly help—sometimes in unseen ways. The most obvious way in which a range hood helps you is by capturing and removing heavy smokes and steams that may arise from cooking. While smoke is never a perfect outcome for a well-cooked meal, accidents happen—and our range hoods with their high CFMs stand ready to quickly remove heavy, acrid smoke. Whether you need something that vents directly to the outside or recirculates through a filter, we’ve got you covered.

While it’s easy to see how much smoke and vapor range hoods capture, range hoods also capture airborne greases, too. With range hoods with built-in grease traps, you’ll limit the amount of post-cooking grease that needs to be cleaned off of cooktops and other surfaces once it settles.

With our ample selection of range and vent hoods, you’re sure to find something that will suit your lifestyle and kitchen. Our standard under-cabinet range hoods fit easily into any pre-existing cabinet installations for a classic, timeless look. For an installation without cabinets, look no further than our wall-mounted hoods, which offer the same style and function. If you’ve got a kitchen island with a range in a central area of your kitchen, our island hoods install overhead. Insert hoods offer a total package that fits neatly into a ready compartment, while downdraft hoods offer powerful blowers that keep smells and smokes isolated and from wafting upwards.

No matter the function or situation, our selection of range hoods have you covered. Take a look around and breathe easy.