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Professional 9000IS Automatic Steam Iron Boiler Station


Reliable Professional 9000IS Automatic Steam Iron Boiler Station

The Reliable Professional Automatic Steam Ironing Station (9000IS excels in producing high-quality steam. This machine boasts an unlimited water capacity and can produce steam for an unlimited amount of time, making it the perfect addition to any industry setting where high-performance and productivity are key.

Unlimited Steam:In order to allow the machine to produce unlimited amounts of steam, the 9000IS needs to be connected to a direct water feed

It's Portable:This machine comes with heavy-duty casters, enabling you to wheel the machine between jobs

Compatibility:It's only right that such a high-quality machine has an equally high-quality iron to accompany it, that's why the 9000IS is compatible with the 2100IR iron

Control The Pressure: Each material has different requirements, that's why the ranco pressure control system allows you to easily control the pressure of the steam in order to get the most professional results from your project

Low Water Light Indicator:The low water light indicator is an effective system that provides a clear, visual warning when the water levels inside the tank get too low